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@Josh - quality is key. We can now easily do quantity in search, but we are left wanting in many cases on the reliability of the information. This tool is beginning to take things a step further.

@Amy - thank you for jumping in and for helping answer Andrew's question. I like the idea of being able to see outliers and keep refining the search with more definition around terminology. it looks like the tool is based upon a combination of good automated data pull and people analysis.

Many thanks for the Newssift review and feeback.

We are certainly finding that part of our core audience are PR/IR professionals, for the ability to track news stories, mentions of companies or products, and the ability to refine and by sentiment and so we appreciate sharing this POV on Conversation Agent.

Newssift is actively listening to all feedback, from collecting surveys on our site, tracking twitter mentions, reading blog posts and comments, to even closely following the footsteps of how people are using the site. We believe all of this will help us to iterate quickly and often to make Newssift a relevant and useful tool.

In response to how we decipher sentiment, without knowing your query string, I can't specifically speak to your search or your experience. However, if you conduct a keyword search on Newssift for "cancer" and add "positive sentiment" you will see plenty of articles that are indeed positive sentiment.

I also like to show this search as an example of how our sentiment works and results:

Pollution + China + positive sentiment

In general when you refine by sentiment, you will see some outliers, but it should be generally robust as we are constantly tweaking the annotation to get it as close to perfect as possible.

We are excited to continue building Newssift into a powerful semantic tool to help you SIFT the news and gather insight as part of your daily workflow. And thank you for the feedback and please keep it coming.

Wow, suddenly the "power" and "quality" of Google Blog Search, Google News and other "news sources" suddenly become redunant against this news search facility, harbouring every bit of the visual and data based context I am wary of from a "" (on the data side) or "" (on the visual side) standpoint, but offering unique, and invaluable tools which provides far more superior results then that of any news search facility before it.

I am very excited for the future of, 100% relevant, reliable and verifiable, plus the added addition of the "Sentiment" of the article in the search options, just blows my mind.

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