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I just had a sort of epiphany reading this interview today. Both of you seem to express a bit of regret for not being "back home," but this is tempered with the benefits of living where you do and exposure to new cultures. Being one who would sell both his beloved cars if it meant he could move to the EU tomorrow, I hadn't thought about this. The grass is always greener, is it not?

Just as the fabulous European vacation isn't something you do multiple times a year (for those of us without our own planes), living abroad renders those trips home to see family and friends a bit restrictive. Fortunately, for some of us (and seemingly more of us these days), most of our friends and interaction occurs online, so the relationships stand a better chance of continuing, if not delayed a couple hours.

I think the grad project is intriguing. After all, social media plays upon a subliminal need to fit into a larger whole. (Yeah. I'm still reading Herd by Mark Earls. Might finish it by Christmas.) We in the west have been brainwashed to consider ourselves individuals - brilliant little snowflakes - and the relative anonymity of the internet, combined with the facilitation of sharing these days (140 characters or less!), is making it easier for us to consider that there might be others, many others, out there who are just like us. We live our individual lives, but we are becoming aware of our role in a larger world. Social media is potentially fostering a renaissance of societal norms in the digital age.

So I think it's interesting to consider how those emerging cultures which undoubtedly already see their communities and their world in a social fashion, would take to the technology to do so on a global scale. Would they view their family or smaller social group as we in the west view our individuality and dismiss the value in such interactions? Would they turn out to be super-users who just inherently KNOW how to do the social media thing? What happens when you introduce tools designed to bring people together to a people already doing a pretty good job of doing so?

Very interesting.

Thanks for featuring me Valeria! I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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