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Web 3.0 ... Web 5.0

The debate over what to 'call' new web technology tools reminds me of an article on The Onion a few years back (this was when Gillette had JUST introduced the super-amazing three blade razor for men)...

So the Onion write up says, "Schick says Screw It, we're going with 5 Blades!"

About one year later there was a REAL 5 blade razor on the market.

I do have a point (I think...).

Your statement that customer service is marketing rings true to me. No matter how many tweets, blogs, or videos you produce, if I can't get help using your product when I need it = FAIL.

Think I'm out of line? Hell, Chris Brogan even slammed his beloved Apple when they couldn't/wouldn't help with a service issue.

With respect to Twitter vs Blog vs YouTube, use them all - or whatever works. When sharing a post or video, I like to Tweet some tasty morsels that lead back to my blog, where the meal resides.

Yikes, with the length of this comment, I'm in danger of turning it into a standalone post!

-Commando OUT-

@Alex - thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the interview.

@Carolyn Ann - common sense is not that common it seems. People who would not otherwise send confidential information by email, all of a sudden think it's alright to tweet it. I admit to tweeting while at events. Usually to gather feedback from the community or crowdsource ideas... your more important point here is listening, thinking/processing, then talking/writing. That's what my blog is for, thinking together and I could not easily live blog for that reason. There have been people on stage without a point to make and plenty of bullet points to not make it with. But I digress. Thank you for bringing this to the fore. We've become a culture of sound bytes.

@Mark - thank you. Blogging is definitely not easy. I never went for the easy stuff, apparently :)

Of course it's easier to tweet, tumbl etc. but who said blogging was supposed to be easy? :-)

There's still a place for what Yeats called 'the fascination of what's difficult'.

Great interview.

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