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@Peter - it's an important question and it keep me honest, most of the time. The reason why I did not answer Gary's publicist email is that I knew it was a mass mailing and not a two way conversation. To me, you offer as much as Gary does, his popularity notwithstanding, just in a different way. Popularity is not an indication of inherent specialness and something decided by the followers. Mostly, it ends up being right place, right time.

@Jon - the funny thing is that I have as much passion as Gary does. It just manifests differently.

@Steve - volume doesn't go very well with trust. To clarify - the pitch wasn't offensive to me, it just was ineffective, especially when I was the one offering the most suggestions in the comments of John's post and the one getting the short end of the answers there in the end. Hustling is something I'm very familiar with and don't need to brush shoulders with others to know its rewards. Kindness, generosity, and the ability to be there for someone are more impressive qualities to me. But I would not want to make generalizations.

Valeria - I think you bring up some great points, and also highlight one of the biggest constraints of social media - scalability. In the "old world", scalability is the patron saint of marketing. In the "new world", anything that isn't a direct, personal connection is derided as crude and offensive.

When all is said and done, I think the question is going to remain just as it always has, and that is "how can I create the greatest results with this effort?"

So, I take issue with what you said about "celebrities" being able the change the game in execution. Mass campaigns will stop when they cease being more effective than putting the effort into really understanding each and every media outlet you reach out to.

That means the power is in the hands of the receivers of these messages, not the senders. So when the vast majority of bloggers ignore requests like Gary's, or even call him out on them, that's when the game will change.

I'm also pretty sure you know all this - I just wanted to make the distinction about where the power to change things lies - it's with people like you on the receiving end of these pitches.

What this illustrates is just how important it is to put yourself in the position of your target audience before you send.

You get a sense of the persona of a blogger by reading their blog. I think you have to convey that you're familiar with their work and who they are when you make a pitch. The emphasis should be on the "you" not the "I".

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