Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Will Google Wave Eliminate the Need for PR as Media Relations?

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@Mack - it's been my preference at work for years. It helps achieve true collaboration vs. competition when everyone understands that in order to inform a project's vision they need to actually do the hard part - think and propose. The 'sphere needs some accountability all around. I will expand on the comments' point tomorrow.

@Steve - today we don't give the telephone as a tool a second thoughts. However, we do know that only a certain kind of communication happens o the phone. I would go as far to say that most companies need a tune up in content - how to generate it, package it, and distribute it.

Valeria - I think that this continues the trend of the distribution channels becoming commodities. As this continues, relevant and engaging content becomes even more important, which is something that most PR firms need a tune up in (I said MOST, by the way). One thing is for sure - the PR agency, advertising agency, and every other type of agency will be transformed by the path we are going down. As you said - the future belongs to those that make it happen.

"As a reminder, I encourage critics to propose an alternative, to build it, to champion it. It's way too easy to just say "I don't like it," and "you suck"."

THIS is truth. I don't mind someone saying that something 'sucks', as long as that criticism is immediately followed with a better alternative. Too many people never offer that best alternative, and believe that if they say someone else is 'wrong', that it automatically means they are 'right'.

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