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I think the 'timing' issue is something that works against material that is published in a blog format. We're experiencing the same issue with a 'magazine-type' site that we are currently piloting. I agree that readers inherently look for the latest material and are likely ignore the 'old stuff'. Yet a site like Conversation Agent includes, as you put it, 'timeless' posts that remain relevant and are actually the building blocks of what is published many months later. In its current iteration, there may be no other option with a blog to occasionally go back and delete dates. And continue to develop inbound links from Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook pages et al.

As for whether 90 minutes is the right metric - it's just nice to find someone in the US who can call 'the beautiful game' football. Plenty of life-changing stuff can happen in 90 minutes ;)

I thought your " speed of response" at 90 minutes very interesting. I think you are right or almost right when it comes to social networking "circles" as I have noticed how fast your commenters comment once your post is out. I comment and by the time it is up there are several ahead of me. However to use this "speed of response" criteria as a measure of success, I don't agree. In other circles, where readers have not yet ventured into social networking it still takes " time" for information to arrive. Unfortunate maybe, frustrating for me personally "yes", but true. My March post was still getting comments on the post 9 weeks later and then shifted to email where the dialog has continued with the latest arriving yesterday. My August post is still only just beginning it's reach, except for the few on twitter who were fast to respond (like Bryan @DR1665 with a comment) and several others via tweets and very surprising three separate very different niche print pubs who are interested in printing the content for their readers (that's another 2-3 months to reach :-)

Some of what you write is very timely yet some is timeless and a comment or any response even several months after the post would be a measure of success:-) I am sure there are many besides me who return or go to your older posts and you never know about your continuing success!

@Timo - Thank you for arguing. Of course, I picked an arbitrary number, but it does fall within my experience/observation during the past 3 years with my blog - and the other 9 years facilitating a community. People by and large love novelty and won't look at something they perceive is "old" even though it may still be very relevant. Some have taken away the dates in older posts so that when people get to them, they think it's current and still comment. Yes, it's a superficial thing, but perception drives many a behavior.

@Toto - yes it did, and I watched every minute of it. I was actually in Italy during the whole World Cup - flags everywhere. It was great!

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