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This clicked for me this morning. We're quick to point at marketing/advertising types and say, "Oh, they don't get it. They just want to broadcast a single message and see what sticks." Then we get on Twitter...

I participate in a weekly #carchat conversation on Twitter. The number of participants has grown to include some very big names in the automotive industry. We've seen greater than 7 tweets per minute at times. The conversation is growing like a weed.

Sadly, we're finding that the biggest detriment to our conversation is Twitter itself. Search results showing up 30 minutes later, over-capacity messages, et al. It's like traveling on a superhighway riddled with speed bumps.

So this week, host Michael Banovsky proposed taking #carchat off Twitter. (Linked below.) There's a feeling of sadness at such an idea, but then it hit me. While there's no shortage of experts trying to get people ON Twitter to drive traffic to their sites, we're a group of people who met on Twitter on the cusp of taking our specific conversation out of the mix.

I'm having a hard time sharing this thought without rambling on and on, but I think you get the idea, Valeria. While others might be trying to use Twitter to attract members to existing communities, the thought of a community wholly sprouting naturally in the Twittersphere seems rather profound.

Sounds like that natural centralization you mentioned towards the end of the post. Changing the basket does not mitigate putting all your eggs in it, but what if you view Twitter like the hen that lays the eggs (instead of the basket)? Feed it well, ensure that it's healthy and happy, and then gently move the eggs it produces to your incubators elsewhere.

Michael Banovsky's post on moving #carchat off-Twitter:

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