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I think I respond more to the potential to influence and make the decision myself about how I approve of it. Many times we are reactionary and accepts people or products based on approval ratings. However, if someone can persuade me then obviously I approve of it to a certain extent. Very well written article, interesting topic.

@Caroline - from what I observe and hear, you are in the minority. A welcome one.

@David - wish you were around when I was running the Fast Company social network. Seriously, you would have really seen some of the best connecting among the most diverse members. Social media circles are quite small in comparison. We end up meeting the same people over and over at events and online. The sheer diversity of those events was the network's richness.

@Aaron - While trust and influence are related - are approval ratings related to trust or more to performance? I've been thinking about those questions for a while and wanted to put them out to the community to invite more voices than those in my head to it.

@Jamie - I wouldn't take it personally, although for a couple of years, I did. There is a certain degree of "fashion" thinking and herd mentality in communities. Also, when we talk about transferring a spontaneous and opportunistic action like participating in a Twitter chat off line, which involves a deeper commitment of time and effort, well, that's when numbers do not translate. It's like going from awareness and intent to conversion. You may still have influence at the awareness a and intent level, but not yet for the conversion ;)


I thought I had some influence in my small group of people and thought people would have been interested in #journchat LIVE Detroit. Turns out when I invited everyone when I had the date, only 7 showed up. So I began to think I didn't have influence plus #journchat is somewhat controversial by nature.

The three divisions of communications don't seem to want to work together so this just makes my already challenged job a bit harder since I was the ONLY Champion in Detroit who used this chat for constructive ways of learning.

I did ask... Do you have influence or just a bunch of followers? I think this is an important question to ask. Especially, when you are trying to land an entry level position and trying to do something to change the status quo.

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