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Being helpful is fashionable... It is also something that hopefully is contagious, and touches peoples hearts. I have found it to be that way with me, and it has forever changed my work and approach to life.

This post was a great way to start my week.

One of the things I enjoy most about the Social Web is the opportunity it brings to connect people to resources, ideas, and other people. I started out by founding a small & rather informal moms' group. It was a labor of love. My "ROI" was the good feeling I got when someone on my mailing list thanked me for linking them to a great resource, giving them the heads up on a fun event, or writing a post that made their world a little brighter.

Though my current day-to-day world is much more business-focused, I try to carry that sense of "service without strings" with me. Though some pundits I read make me feel like a bit of a naive Pollyanna type, I've always liked the statement "Nice matters." I realize that it doesn't matter to EVERYone, but I'm pretty sure it matters to the people I want to partner with. ;)

@Ceci - I'll go for better marketing any day. Thank you for sharing your story and practices.

@Victoria - it's interesting to observe that once the people we meet online feel close by, we do tend to withdraw a little bit from participating in the physical, local community. Good to be reminded with you!

@Danny - didn't think that the tees would become a social object (see also Whitney below :). In my observation, it is much easier and indeed likely that one would help someone who doesn't expect anything back, than the other kind who's thinking in terms of quid pro quo. It's almost the same correlation we have between spontaneous word of mouth and push marketing.

@Taylor - the story. During a recent Twitter chat about the long tail of content with your blog the conversation took a left turn when a non participant started challenging the topic with insistence on ROI. Perhaps they thought they were being helpful when they started criticizing me for not indulging in that conversation while moderating the other. There needs to be some emotional intelligence on when being helpful as well.

@Fred - excellent point. How many times I can remember also the help being received differently by title in the corp. hierarchy - if a VP says something, it's helpful; if it's a manager, it's not that important, for example.

@Ricardo - working to solve is a good rule of thumb. Good sense of humor is the balm of life. Thank you for reminding us.

@Whitney - I knew I should have thought of that! At the time I was thinking about a good image to complement the post ;)

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