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@Mary Ann - I'm starting to see how many love David's work. I'm so glad you started a blog. It will give you a lot of satisfaction.

@Michael - thank you, and thank you for participating to #kaizenblog. We enjoyed your comments and contribution.

@Laurens - thank you for stopping by.

@Kyle - can't wait to see what you come up with. I really enjoyed your site.

@David - they do call me Conversation Agent for a reason. I love learning about what makes people who they are because it is such a great foundation for understanding how they work and interact.

@Tiffany - glad you could stop by. I have already embedded this model in a presentation. Had a few days with the content before everyone else saw it :)

@Doug - I liked that he mentioned all of the people who work with him. It was fun finding all of you and looking at your portfolios and body of work.

@Paula - glad this inspired you to buy the book. I still learn so much from a quiet reading and thinking...

Thanks for a great article, Valeria! David explains things in a way that is easy to remember -- a conversation lesson in itself! Will look forward to picking up David's book.

Many thanks!

I have worked with David since he wore a shirt and tie to his corporate office.

He is a great client because not only is he easy to work with (and allows me to do my best work), he is always cooking up some crazy scheme – which end up being extremely forward-thinking and successful!

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