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Very thought provoking article. With so many new developments coming to the forefront it is important for businesses to embrace these developments and be able to offer a quality product while adapting to these developments. If businesses are not keeping up with new aspects of business they are going to be left in the dust.

@Valeria - One of the worst parts of communicating online is the loss of tonality and perspective. How many email have you sent over the years that were perceived in a completely different way than you intended? Twitter and every other social networking application for that matter, have the same issue.

When communicating externally, it is very important to select the correct individual within your organization. A well crafted message has a better chance of being interpreted as it was intended. That's why there are professional writers/communicators.

In regards to my initial post, we all have different experiences and to some extent needs. every organization while in an industry have different structures and processes. So when developing a solution for that industry, you can only create what works well for everyone and not what is perfect for a few.

My biggest point is that while I love the new business model in that we just do as opposed to plan everything out to the Nth degree, that isn't always a benefit. I love Twitter and think it is here to stay for at least a while. But it is also important to understand that it was a tool initially designed to be used as basically a recorded IM conversation. It has changed and grown to a service with millions of users but at the same time has no revenue generation model in place to make it a sustainable long term business. I am certain there are many brilliant people within the organization that will soon announce a plan but we haven't seen anything yet.

@Pramod - indeed, combinations are powerful.

@Peter - degrees if impatience gave me a chuckle - how true! Thinking into the box... I would not have seen/thought of that, but it now makes sense. Thank you.

@Scott - do you think it's also a matter of language? More and more, especially with Twitter, I find that there is a mismatch of what someone is saying and what they intend... well, you know what they say about walking in someone else's shoes. It's true.

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