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» Facebook, Friendfeed and getting back to basics from Paul Chaney
I'm reading lots of blog posts about Facebook's acquisition of Friendfeed and a number of bloggers are saying the same thing -- it's time to rethink our approach to social media. Here are three examples: "There's a lesson in Friendfeed's... [Read More]


I am new to Friend Feed and I still haven't quite figured it out yet. I am glad I am getting subscribers but I still am NOT into it. I get agreggators but I guess if I want to be on Twitter I will go to Twitter.

Is FF a backdoor to Twitter which FB wanted? Just a thought?

@Tanveer - you got it, yes, in the excitement and willingness to gather leads, we forget that we're stepping into someone else's home. It's seen as a bit selfish to have blogs, still, but this is the best tending one can make. Life streams many be fashionable, but they are transitory. Web sites evolved, but they certainly didn't go away. There's a very good reason why, too.

@Maria - glad the post was useful and thank you for spreading the word.

@Carlos - when building community, you want to make sure you can benefit new comers with the wisdom collected by all. That is hard to do on someone else'e turf.

@Caroline - I'd say harness, invest, collect as well. I think we would be amazed at what we give away on these networks...

@Eric - we get used to perks so quickly, don't we? I'm amazed at how relatively easy it is to provide a platform for people to be social. Which should make us think.

@Amy - or investing our time in building timeless and portable digital assets so we can benefit our communities more than a third party, which may end up being at odds with what the rest of us wants to do next.

@Elizabeth - it's like diversifying investments.

@Jenesys - thank you for stopping by.

@Paul - glad the thoughts resonated. I've been thinking about this for a while, but it sort of crystallized as I really put more on FriendFeed than any other network.

@Eric - put like a true designer of conversations. More than content creators, marketers should consider becoming context builders as well.

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