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While a few folks can get away with the me-centric messages, most of us can't. I love how you worded the "I wrote a book" message to show me vs you-centric.

I believe in the same that DJ pointed out: I write not because I want my name out there (who cares?) but because I want to share exciting information and findings with other people and make their lives easier.

It was near on 10 years ago that I first remarked that the internet was Gods tracing paper.

For the first time in human history we could tag ourselves to our consequences and glimpse what Hesse, Eliot and many others could capture in prose but never prove.

Through the looking glass of social media ( or Hesse, eliot if thats your thing) measurement can soon be abandoned and self interest becomes enlightened:

There is no "so". I published a book.

But I don't expect anyone who hasn't peered through the glass to see this as anything but misguided.


As an aside, what is it that we need know? "Everyone" seems convinced that I need to know their something. But why do I need to know their something? I've spent a couple of days reflecting on this and I'm not coming up with anything useful.

@Kami - The Web and social networks have become the land of sweeping generalizations and quick judgments these days, so intent is harder to gauge. Intent is subtle and not everyone is paying attention. I agree that it's over the long haul and about consistency.

@DJ - my travels in the next few months will be for the conferences and events that have invited me to speak, only. While it would be great to hang out at every one, work does come first.

@Diego - thank you for stopping by.

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