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Great allegory ! it is completely true but the bigger the organization the harder it is to enact such small and effective change. because the larger the organization the harder it is to be self-aware, hell its hard to even be self-aware period.
So i think its more the result of self-awareness than the particular change itself. since to acquire good self awareness you would need to be better than average on a lot of scales

@Jay - good contribution with the idea of leverage - it's been too long since I practiced!

@Bruce - indeed it does, but as you know the rewards are many. Building things from the ground up, with patience, allows you to see where to trim and where to water. Good one - I did get the 0.2 cents ;)

@Emily - time, perseverance, trial and error and patience are all qualities worth cultivating. Look at what they did for Tiger Wood.

Small adjustments can require much more patience to enact than large and dramatic changes, but the results are frequently much more rewarding and long-lasting. I always think of the golf analogy, and how much time Tiger et al spend perfecting their two-foot putt or adjusting their angle by mere millimeters. A $10 million dollar pay-out ain't too shabby for taking the 1/4-inch approach.

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