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I associate awe with the absence of self ( passion being an expression self (perhaps the pinnacle).

The more I remove myself from awareness (the judgement's I make) the more awestruck I become.

Take breakfast this morning - I was hungry - a glass of clean water, sour dough bread, spinach, smoked salmon and hollandaise. What makes this awe inspiring is that this experience is unimaginable for nearly all of history (including our own). Humbling ( and utterly delightful).

Perhaps it is the customer who has lost their appetite - who is no longer in awe of their times. Who demands awesomeness but fails to honor the unique moment crafted for them ( self absorbed in their passion). (Watching those around me it was clear the enormity of the occasion was lost in small conversation).

To be human is to be both awesome and awful.

I guess what I'm thinking is how to help consumers to honour their consumption.

Spk soon.


Your head's in the right place, April.

By helping others to participate in something they love doing (sometimes push, sometimes pull), you are setting yourself up for great things. As more people join in, everyone benefits in their own way.

Karma has a way of coming back around. I've seen that participation in the community - online or otherwise - improves lives. Give without expecting anything in return. Your consistency and dedication will come back around and surprise you when you least expect it!

Be clear about being poetic for the art of poetry.
Thrill in the creative process.
Remember that what you're doing entertains, engages, and empowers others.

Rock on.

Awesome, totally agree with these words. Despite a low income and struggles, I try to keep my chin up and "push" to inspire others in poetry, even with all the things that go on in this world, even if I don't profit, I emotionally do, if just one connects with another emotionally to "lift"

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