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Christa and Peter:

Great points.

Peter, I agree. We can't condemn the general human condition, only acknowledge its state and try to move forward. If we are so negative that it's all bad hubris, we can't affect change. That change has start with our own souls and outlook on life.


"I don’t believe in the current corporate approach to business. It’s cruel and demeaning, and in many ways the “American Dream” has been bastardized."

This reminded me of something too:

I was speaking with a business journalist recently and it was clear he was a little damaged by his journey.

I sensed most of his energy was spent trying to distill from half truths, spin, brand management and lies what lay beneath abstracted conversation.

It seems words can steal a little of life too.

But, as you and Geoff illustrate life is richer for "thinking deeply, speaking plainly and of course, acting accordingly".


This resonated with me: "I don’t believe in the current corporate approach to business. It’s cruel and demeaning, and in many ways the “American Dream” has been bastardized."

I have been struggling with this as a PR person having to deal with competition. While I understand the need to protect patents and trade secrets, so many problems could be solved with more sharing, more of an open-source model.

I work with digital forensics types, so we're talking cybercrime -- it sticks in my craw that everyone yaps about what a huge worldwide problem it is, yet when it comes to the tools that could SOLVE the problem? Nope, gotta protect "our" stuff.

I may be hopelessly naive... but at the same time, I understand the whole info-protection thing. I'm a writer; it's copyright for me. Yet most everything I write goes out online, so I don't have as much control over it as I might like.

Anyway, Geoff, I know that isn't quite what you were talking about, but it's in the same ballpark. BTW it's also something I'm trying to avoid with my own blog -- my hope is to work with other bloggers in my space to help the people who really need our info, rather than getting caught up in games reminiscent of high school. Those games are what drive people away -- not what make business.

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