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@Gee - it's really good to take a step back sometimes and reevaluate why we do things. Most of the time we've changed and we forgot to tell ourselves. The enthusiasm needs to be there. In sports they call it the love of the game.

@Matthew - thank you for the kind words. the people who want to be authors sometimes can do better than others who the business may select. "Bottom line -- if your authors don't care... your readers don't care." Bingo.

@AbhinavatST - I like the idea of helping simplify someone's life, being proactive and expansive with your thinking and sharing. Keep at it, listen, tweak, and you will see the results.

@Jason - you know I always go for a good story.

@Jon - I like how you describe the evolution of your work, from let's do it, to how can we integrate it and make it part of the process so we build on it to everyone's benefit?

@Susan - getting out of our own way is usually part of the human condition. And yes, we can do that if we take the time to relax into it.

@David - that's where a plan comes in to the rescue. Many organizations think that it all needs to be about them. The fun begins when it is about helping others "see" each other, learn about interesting projects, etc.

@Stuart - thank you.

@Teresa - I agree with you on being bogged down by too many ideas. In this case, having an agenda works wonders to cut through the clutter. Those who focus their agenda on the needs of their readers, they are the ones paying attention. Well said!

@Aysel - we're all new to new tools and ways to communicate at some point or another. You're asking many good questions, there are tons of smart people here in the comments, so feel free to follow the links and connect with them as well.

@David - your blog is at the top of my reading list. You have a lot going for you, including my driving to center city so that I could support your work ;)

@Michael - I tend to do the butt kicking in subtle ways, you caught me.

Lovely post Valeria. To some this will be something nice to think about, for others it will be a subtle kick in the butt!

Blogging has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me. It's had it's times of great speed and excitement and times where I've felt like I'm fighting a losing, uphill battle. You're absolutely right, attitude is key. Regardless of your successes and your tribulations, if you have the right attitude, you can stay the course. Giving up is easy. Pushing yourself through those tough times is where you really grow.

Great tips. Great reminder.

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