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It's funny--I met Julien Smith in person on the very same day I met Chris, back at BWE 2006, when it was still going by its old name and still in crazy Ontario, CA. Chris introduced us, in fact, before we snuck off to chat for a bit.

I was *completely* intimidated by Julien b/c he looked so cool. I'm sure he was perfectly nice; he just looked too cool for me, so I missed the opportunity to connect then, and probably subsequently, because of the exact faulty thinking he calls out in this interview.

Well, I'm making up for lost time, I'll tell you what! Love his blog, love his outlook, and I've got an instant armload of fantastic books to read since I've discovered he's one of my Perfect Filters.

Thanks for another outstanding interview, Valeria. I just love the people you collect here on your site--must be that Italian thing!

I'll second Deni, I loved the concept of "digital body language". Thinking of consistency of action, thought, tone, topics and attitude as a digital body language is a very human way to think about one's "content strategy"; would you agree, Valeria?

@Deni - I'm so glad you had the chance to get to know Julien through his ideas. Man's Search for Meaning is one of the best books of all times, so clear and human.

@Brian - thought you would respond to that. It isn't a big deal at all. Also, we're all heroes in some circles (for many of us, it's our family) and unknown in others. That is fine. I'm a marathon runner, so consistency is familiar. Unless I pace myself, I burn out (I'm not very fast). Time management can be an issue, admittedly.

@Michael - I've been impressed with him at each exchange. In a way, the book was the way for me to get to know Julien.

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