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This is currently my late night read. Appreciate the interview and Julien sharing more of what's 'in/on his mind'.

The not a big deal philosophy is extremely powerful. Great stuff.

Forgoing any finger pointing over Fight Club rules - what you do and do not talk about - I found this post a friendly reminder on two fronts:

1. It's not a big deal. It might feel like a big deal because I've never done anything like this before, or because I don't, personally, know anyone doing the same thing right now, but I'm doing what I feel is right. Since when is doing the right thing a big deal? It shouldn't be.

2. Consistency. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Being consistent - in tone, message, and posting - reinforces feelings of trust. The blog you read today will still be here tomorrow and the content will be just as relevant. That said, I need to work on scheduling writing time a couple times a week or more.

And it's good to hear that more organizations are looking to focus on collaboration tools. Let's hope it's not just lipservice!

1) Any guy who cites Man's Search For Meaning as a favorite book is a pretty deep/thoughtful person.

2)Both your notion of and Julien's comments on digital body language are enlightening. Being reliable, consistent, professional are surely all necessary elements for building trust (along with honesty/transparency).

3)Valeria, thanks for the interview. I too think Chris deserves notice, but so does Julien.

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