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Hi Valeria,

I wonder if we are becoming socialised to always expect more - and thereby are never satiated.

Late capitalism suffers from an epedemic of unappreciative consumption.

Social media has turned the volume up and provided a feed back loop for dissatisfaction. But, when I read that consumers have come to dread purchasing, that has very little to do with the company and everything to do with the consumers attitude - not the company

I suggest next time anyone is faced with a five hour delay they read One Day in the Life of Ivan Deninisovich by Solzhenitsyn. I did and when I put it was hard to complain.

Not saying the airline industry isn't broken. But consumers may be more broken ( and not know it). And, whilst airlines can take responsibility and use technology better, unless consumers change, those efforts won't be good enough.

Spk soon.


Hi Valeria, what a read! Great ideas and thoughts, which you would think would be embraced in this modern world... however, the airlines are so busy managing their staff and losing price wars, they've forgotten that there are travellers prepared to pay a little extra for a better service/ experience!!

I think Mickey hits the feeling pretty well. Back when commercial flights were new, travel use to be special. I wasn't there of course, but I've seen clips and documentaries. People were excited to travel, whether it was by train or plane. Most would even dress up to go. I don't think it was really pampering that set the era apart, but just good basic service. And like you said, service starts with attitude.

I will say this though, I can't think of a single flight I've ever taken where the steward / hostess wasn't great. A challenging task indeed.

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