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@John - and you have been a valued and valuable member of this community. You have big fans, and care about connecting. We'll be telling your story shortly...

Karen - good communications skills are going to be even more important now. Every time I tried to fight the existing reality I lost. I can be persistent, but it's wiser to learn that creation and invention are much more enjoyable.

@Melanie - for the transparency comment, I linked to a really good thought/post by Amber Naslund, one of my favorite thinkers/practitioners. The big thought is that you don't have to tell all to be transparent, you can still be that in spirit and attitude. Which is what creates conversation. Technology just enables it, amplifies it, makes it faster, more available. It's the altering of attitude that will change things.

@Bill - thinking about dinner as a metaphor here. Online interactions as small appetizers, samples of what the full course meal would be. Then reminders over time, to stay in touch. Likewise, enjoyed learning more about you and your work.

As you point out, (and as you know I believe) social media is not about the tools or technology but about the people and the relationships we create. The tools come and go, but the relationships we build as individuals, and the manner in which companies can now build relationships with consumers are the true benefit of the technological advances that we call social media or web 2.0 - But though they may be better than be disconnected, they are but a pale imitation of the pleasure we get when we interact with people face to face.
Really enjoyed sharing with you and learning from you at #IMS09


I am currently reading Chris Brogan's Trust Agents right now, and the idea of being genuine and believing what you put out on the internet is more true now than ever.

So when you write that Technology isn't meant to make all things transparent, do you think that it is a greater/more helpful tool than older mediums of conversation to create/spark conversation?

Do you think that altering the form of conversation (with technology) will thus alter the content of our conversations in the long run?

I would love to hear from you about this question posed!

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