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@Bruce - that is a wonderful direction for the thinking that was behind it. Real work is hard, much harder than talk, although it can start as such. I like how tangible real is. I've been thinking along this vein lately, as it will become apparent in posts this week.

@Deni - it's a good preparation ground for social media to understand that type of commitment. Internally, you're often making it work on the basis of relationships, too. PR is not on everyone's goals, just those of the person or people working it. Yet, it's about the whole business, what it knows, and what it does, so it needs to involve professionals and technical experts at many levels.

@Gail - your grandmother's wisdom endures.

Great points! -- Exactly why I love reading your blog.

What resonates with me: These days, especially given the explosion of social media, effecitve PR is about empowering entire organizations, not just a select few who pitch the media. And ideas and strategy alone will never win hearts and minds or build a brand. It's "elbow grease" as my grandmother used to say.

You offer good insight into the inner workings of PR and how the various pieces intersect.

Your point about commitment to resources is one that I have noted in my own experience as being often neglected. Too many silos. As you point out, authentic effective PR does not just come from the PR department, it needs to pervade an organization. And it needs to be cultivated from within, not be put upon others.

Also, it is interesting to note in these times when social media is becoming so much a part of the PR paradigm, there is a lot of chatter regarding the need to put the public back in public relations. Less noted, though you have done so here, is to recognize the other half of the term -- you need to focus on relationships, too.

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