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Enjoyed your post. I agree 100% we need to add the conversation back and focus on business. 3 things Im doing
1) Help
2) Learn
3) Repeat
Thanks for the post

Hey, I just discovered your site, and it's great. I'm relatively new to blogging, and my goal from the get go was to touch and inspire people. I saw it as an extension of the work I do, not a hobby or get rich quick scheme. But as I've experienced more and more of the blogosphere, I find myself recoiling at times and asking why I'm doing it. So your post motivates me to do it the way I want to, and not get sucked into all the mania.

@M - what I'm proposing does cut through the clutter and reach people.

@Brandon - we can be empathetic and warm and still be professional and business-like.

@Diane - I *love* your caveat. It's a brilliant qualifier. Thank you for stopping by.

@Nathan - I don't always do what people tell me ;) And we also cannot take ourselves too seriously. I do get your point. Nothing we can do about others. Lots we can affect by changing our own attitude and approach.

@Peter - we did talk about it. Being human is what makes us interesting. We do feel, how fascinating that we'd deny that very ability that permeates our whole surface. Truly, you don't sound like a lawyer, I work with many.

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