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Lightning strikes twice. How 'bout that?

I read Olivier's post yesterday and was awestruck. This post takes those thoughts and builds on them in your style. I was thinking in the car this morning that this is something I would like to write about as well.

Recently, a Phoenix local I follow on Twitter (@dneighbors) has been posting thoughts on how to grow our city; on nurturing start ups by residents who consider Phoenix their home town. I've also had a fairly serious conversation with an out-of-work automotive designer who is at odds with my opinion of @LocalMotors (who is "crowdsourcing" a new car company). I see both of these situations as being venues for the sort of thinking being discussed in these social, P2P, the-way-it-should/could-be posts.

This weekend, I'm going to try exploring these issues through this new perspective and see what develops. I call it "new" because I often find that reading Conversation Agent and The Brand Builder crystallizes ideas which are foggy to me, but about which I feel strongly. It's like, you KNOW something is right, but you just need a catalyst to shake all the bits into place so you can speak to it as it applies to your community.

So exciting. Feels like we're all kicking ass and taking names this week.

Boo yah.

What a wonderful post, and very timely. Our community, Gainesville, FL is currently in the midst of trying to become a truly “connected Community.” We have incredible resources and talent… a top 25 University with a half-a-billion dollar a year research budget, 3 tech incubators, 20 new spin-off companies a year, some of the top health and medical researchers in the world…that have never been connected. Yesterday more than 100 of our top community leaders came together to begin the process in earnest – and sadly, many of them have never met each other before! I will be linking this post to our new resource site and encouraging all of the people on our task force to read it. Thanks for your help on this Valeria! PS – I welcome input, ideas and help on this project from anyone who might want to share them.

This is a great post. Thank you.

I especially resonate with "It's time to get past the ivy league culture of scarcity and exclusion and join the age of abundance in inclusion."

Showing up authentically and getting engaged with like-minded collaborators is a blast and a blessing. We are most powerful when we reach out and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

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