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This gave me a good chuckle as I have been both on the giving and receiving end of the list and can relate. Often times when a customer calls, they have it in their mind that they are always right and so will do whatever they think will get there service work without realizing the reps cannot just simply push a button and fix things.

@brian I love Tmobile's customer support! They are some of the friendliest most helpful reps I've ever dealt with. More companies' support needs to be like them.

@Valeria - Thank you. I've been on both sides of the phone and I handle myself on the phone accordingly. I recognize that the person on the other end did not, personally and willfully, set about my ruination, nor do I presume they have the authority to completely solve the problem.

As much as I wish it were so (the latter, that is), when I find myself calling a company with a problem, I do my best to convert the voice on the other end to my side. Not so much to see that I'm right and their organization is wrong, but to be the one person they talk to that day who isn't an asshole to them. Without them, I have no means of resolution, so I want to be sure I can give them whatever they need to help me. That can be the difference between someone pulling a sting to hook things up or putting you back on hold for the next level II associate.

PS - When Tmobile went down last week, I received excellent service when I called to find out why my wife's phone wasn't working. I was so impressed that, after seeing all the dullards and hood rats lambasting Tmo on Twitter, I made a point of calling back just to tell someone "on the inside" thank you and to hang in there because they were doing a damn good job. :)

@Brian - well played! With so many posts about the customer's side of the story, the service rep's side had to be told. Empathy is a quality I've come to appreciate more and more, esp. as things got a lot tougher for everyone for various reasons.

@Kelly - we cannot help but recognize that as customers we can be a pretty sorry bunch indeed. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the conversation.

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