Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Are Twitter Lists a New MSM-Type Content Channel?

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Hello Valeria,
I think there is a clear difference between the tweeps people follow and the tweeps people "listen" to. I think these lists give us a peek at the latter of the two categories.
I am definitely following people I don't know, and have forgotten why I followed them. (Probably a #followfriday gem.)

@jgraziani - first off, I totally love the concept of your blog, kudos. It's the male world that wants to jump to problem-solving immediately. Often all a person needs is to be heard. I like the idea of project lists or themed lists - it's a way to signal what you're working on, what interests you. I rely more heavily on well crafted bios for knowing who to follow and what project they might belong to. Two more considerations: 1) Relationships take time, and so do lists; 2) hashtags can help in building themed or news lists, or chat lists.

@Zachary - some thoughts om further content curating. How about a list with Valentine Day's specials? One for a specific neighborhood. One for only Italian restaurants (I'm biased here), you get the idea. Go micro, instead of trying to go macro and you'll find your credibility soar if the list delivers because you will appeal to specific travelers, or visitors - and not try to appeal to everyone. Partner with a concierge service... you see the possibilities growing, don't you?

@Adam - that was an awesome effort. I didn't even think of searching for an existing list, duh! I'm thinking resources are an issue. Even for my own lists, it took time to decide and research what they should be.

@Digitalinfant - I'm so glad you persisted with the comment form. I agree, it's a nice social gesture what the NYT is doing. In this space, with everyone so hungry for case studies and examples, first movers get tremendous coverage and mileage - something worth considering for company branding efforts.

Excellent review, and thanks for putting this together. Overall, I think the best example is the NYtimes. Why? Because they've aggregated tweeters that they think I should follow to get the latest information on specific categories. I'm sure there are others besides me that trust and value the NYtimes enough to consider following a few of the lists they have put together. They also did the usual in providing a list of NYtimes staffers who are tweeters, but the fact that they push their list of non-NYtimes staffers first is nice to see.

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