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As information becomes infinitely abundant, we've become more clanish (which isn't altogether a bad thing). Therefore news media has become more polarized, each individual source gathering loyal adhearants to its particular ideology. Because of the enormous amount of "conversation" going on, there's no hiding what one believes. It's OK. That's a good thing and media is adapting.

I know everyone is predicting doom and gloom and the implosion of the news industry, but I really don't see it happening. I think we'll see continuing declines in print readership and more and more of the news will move to websites, blogs, e-readers, mobile, etc. I think it'll still be almost entirely ad-supported, just like it is now.

I just don't see the huge societal change that has suddenly killed people's demand for news media. What we're experiencing is a medium shift, not a paradigm shift. It'll take time, but the publishers will adjust. Just my .02

@ Brian - Your comments about NPR being real news are spot on. Not only do they "share," as you pointed out, but they also understand how to nuance and make sense out of complicated topics. They were the only news outlet who deconstructed the economic meltdown consistently in a way that was neither dumbed down or CNBC/Wall Street speak/screaming talking heads. I see their approach as one model that just might survive.

@Valeria - Another news development worth watching is what's going on in the hyperlocal scene. True, the very term is now the "it" word of the month, but some of the efforts are interesting for the mix of traditional news with more micro-targeted topics and social media including crowdsourcing. If nothing else, I see it as an interesting development for all marketers to be watching in how to package and deliver relevant information to their various audiences.

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