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@Roger - I notice that you chose the term information over news. Information to me is much broader than news. Really good ideas and I can see where the value would be for filtering. What about making sense of the information and helping you turn it into knowledge? From stories to foresight to insight. Currently, the Institute of the Future performs such service for organizations willing to pay for it. Perhaps there's room in the marketplace for players who will scale the service to individuals. I cannot help but think that there would need to be segmented or vertical types of information organization and delivery to make it worth doing (read, not cost prohibitive).

@Brian - indeed, I have written elsewhere that citizens never paid for news. We might pay, as Roger here says, for a different kind of deliverable. Something like insights, actionable information, research, bits that can help us at the right time, int he right place. Just in time information and knowledge? I'm warming up to the idea. Of course, that is one of the operational deliverables of social media and social networks - business intelligence in real time. You don't pay me for information I share, but you sure would pay me to help you act on that information, execute on it for your business. Today, it's more about defining the right problems amidst the noise, figuring out what matters in terms of what trends will move people to take action that would be favorable to your business... at least that is my current thinking.

@CASUDI - the problem with citizens reporting news remains that of depth, analysis, as well as breadth as in big picture. We see the world as we are and, no offense to anyone, we're all at different levels in education and knowledge. With eyewitness reports you still need to compile the data...

@Steve - thank you for the links. Had to laugh. Your comment reads like - your post sucks, *my* posts and ideas are so much better!

This barely starts to cover the possibilities for new business models. My Complete Community Connection calls for the news business to move beyond advertising:
And we need to adopt a mobile-first strategy:

Advertisers paying for news? Advertisers paying based on ratings? Ratings based on the number of people watching and reading the news? What kind of sensational, distorted news is created to gain ratings?

Should news instead be advertiser free?

Is citizen Journalism, as in twitter, approaching more accurate news reporting? Well it does give you the opportunity of viewing multiple viewpoints, and in some instances thousands of comments or views...... We can only hope that this gives us a more accurate sense of what is really going on, even though it is still subject to subjective bias, even if not advertiser or government controlled.

This sure equates to information overload to me! I agree with Roger the future is all about custom/personal information filtering and delivery. Time is money and I’d be willing to pay for it ☺


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