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Thank you for posting this. I have been wondering how you get your story told. As Mitch Joel says, "It isn't about YOU, but about who KNOWS YOU." Which can be applied to your story and telling it for you. Seth Godin speaks of this as well. Just there is never a strategy really teaching how to help people tell your story. Thank you for showing me how.

Aesop is the godfather of narrative content. Speaking to the C-level folks, you get the executive summary alone -- an abstract generalization; the moral, if you will. True? Who knows? More important, who cares?

But speak to the field engineers or the reps or the district managers or whoever constitutes the middle and you get funny, engaging or hair-raising stories...FOLLOWED by the (by then) self-evident moral, which usually supports the enterprise's incredible expertise or customer service or plain old moxie.

Because you care about the story, you care about its conclusion. And that trumps bullet points any hour of any day.


Thanks for zeroing in on a critically overlooked marketing opportunity. Stories are such a powerful way to reach and engage people yet they are too often bypassed because they're not considered that valuable or strategic.

I agree with Rich that clients focus on messages that have no relevance for customers. There are so many stories lurking inside companies just waiting to be told. Unfortunately, a lot of people think story is just an anecdotal or one-dimensional tool instead of a narrative vehicle that can transport intriguing ideas (and yes key messages) to customers with impact and relevance.

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