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So many just let their thoughts fly...and while I'm a fan of being honest and transparent, it's pretty essential to have a goal or a purpose with regards to the content you share with others. there is a difference between sharing and drivel.

This is a great post, Valeria, and one I think I needed to read as a bit of a lesson. The words we think and say frame our actions and intent, thus framing what we can or can't achieve.

I, personally, am learning a lot about this specific topic in my own life (as I think you've read) and have just in the past few days tried to approach my conversations and problem solving from a place of abundance. What I've learned in that short time is that approaching things with positive words creates a snowball effect that leads to better outcomes that lead to even better thoughts and words, and so on.

Words shape thoughts, actions and outcomes. This is a great reminder of how important it is to remember that truth. Thank you. :)

@Paul - cutting without replacing or extending is a certain way to a death spiral. Growth presupposes activity and it's got to go beyond optimization of existing resources to experimentation and expansion.

@Gerald - also, you can tell a lie with a spreadsheet, too if you measure or report on the wrong things. Ask my friend the accounting forensics expert.

@Tanveer - add to that among people inside the same organization. You have no idea how very little listening the "what's in it for me/my goals oriented" folks do. Indeed attitude and approach are essential to consider. Being a linguist and having learned neurological brain development, I know there is a direct correlation between stimulus and kind of stimulus and response. I was actually amazed when I reread that earlier post I wrote about letter writing and found that quite profound statement on language.

@Darlene - thank you for stopping by.

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