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You gave me a big smile this morning with this comment, Steve. Thank you. I think I called Mozart a genius. The Requiem is one of my favorite pieces of music ever. It's just amazing and evokes such powerful emotions.

Soon enough, I hope, businesses will just learn to adopt of the tools what makes sense to learn, grow and help customers. Soon enough, we'd like to move past empires of profit and into communities of practice.

Valeria - first of all, you had me at "Amadeus". It's my favourite movie of all time, and I think I'll watch it again this weekend.

I would like to say this though - although there was a distinct difference in motivation between Salieri and Mozart, let's not forget that Mozart really did "have the chops". I think it's the COMBINATION of chops and abundance mentality that makes the difference. One without the other won't do.

On the silo issue - I agree wholeheartedly. This one has been beaten to death, but having a "social media" department is like having a "fax machine" department. Social tools and participation bring opportunities for all functions of the business, and the people participating in social media should be coming from the areas of business that will be impacted. I think we'll get there soon.

@Andre - I like how you articulated it. Well done. I'm making a note of that.

@John - indeed. Disclosure regulations and thresholds are important. However, in many marketing departments, aside from the classic "turf" issues and concerns as to who gets the "cookie" for having thought of something, there is a total lack of transparency, thus integration. That hurts the organization more than it not being on Twitter.

@Harriet - missed opportunities and double or triple work. Nothing worst than turfs. For a company to get rolling with social media, marketers need to put aside their petty internal land grab issues. How do you hope to attract customers if you're less than attractive to deal with?

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