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I'm saying that it can be ;) Link baiting is not necessarily a totally bad thing. Some of the smartest people online do that on a regular basis. They write their post with the specific intent of getting a strong conversation going - think about what Jason Falls did with his post. Brilliant! And now he can brag about a couple of hundred comments.

Somehow, I manage to make my posts either too intellectual and subtle, or too inspirational for that kind of effect. Plus, I tend to want to collaborate with everyone and not piss people off.

I'm one of your 33 subscribers. Keep up the good work by leaning into it. I can go to school on clear take aways.


I'm not at all saying that frustration is the engine forward, and feel that you're taking one post out of context. I'm not a well known writer, I'm not a social media 'name' in anyway shape or form, I'm not the link baiting type, and I don't think that as an relative unknown I'd get anywhere even trying to link bait. That's not why I'm here.

My writing wasn't at all to get everyone talking about me. Yes, it was to provoke a response - because I'm actually at the edge *doing* the work of supporting others (Like Minds was £25 - IOW incredibly cheap, not to mention the pro-bono work I do, and detailed free frameworks I give away), whilst taking criticism from the few that do follow me for.

I have 33 blog subscribers. So please, I'm not in this for attention, and hinting that I am is insulting to say the least. In fact, not getting attention, but actually SUPPORTING people was the point of my post - it's about providing content that has CLARITY and helps people because is not vague but provides takeaways.

From experience, I know that while frustration is a great incentive to do something, it is rarely the engine forward when we stop at being that.

Also, leading can be in a supporting role and we don't always have to be in front, we can lead by coaching others.

At the end of the day, I know that a well placed rant will garner more comments than a thoughtfully positive post. I've just never been the link-baiting kind ;)

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