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First of all thanks for the link.

I agree with your sentiment that the way forward is to lead the crowd. Having caught me on a 'rant' day, I was exhibiting less leadership and more frustration. But I do know from experience that leadership allows rants and uses frustrations to provoke responses.

I'm working hard to lead the way forward for those that read what I write, listen to what I speak on, and attend what I organise.


@Carolyn Ann - read the book and watched the movie. Your example captures what Peter here also says: I am talking to people. Whether they're listening is up in the air. People are not as sophisticated or learned as they think they are, me included ;) Putting others down to look good has never been a charming quality to me, especially when the putting down is opportunistic. Glance and move on, would say Dante more eloquently than I, and so I shall. Thank you for the comment, I enjoyed every bit of it.

@Peter - I don't do sensational rants well. If I wanted to be popular and point people to hundreds of comments, I would emulate the best out there - use controversy, use others. The other in this dialogue may very well be a side of me, in that case I would welcome your friendship ;) Agree on Eco. Perhaps I have a slight advantage in being able to read him in the original language, although I know he's quite accomplished in English as well.

Bravo Indeed.

A worthy epilogue to Travels in Hyper Reality.

I'm struck by its art - A conversation with your self but we only hear "one" side (like an overheard phone conversation).

I sense I'm listening into a "passionate" discussion between you and "someone" else. It only appears rambling because I can't hear the other. But I hear your reactions as the other constantly interjects, arguing, throwing their hands up with the utter delight of the process (but unconcerned with agreement or changing your mind).

Although I have only heard the echo of this other in your words I know we would be great friends.

Yes talk does change our lives - what your post reminds us all of is with whom we have the greatest conversation.

Thank you ( By the way, if I misunderstand you I dont apologise. I see the measure of your art as the ability to inspire cogent misunderstandings - based on the comments, this is anything but "usual").


(On Eco not exploring his points - Caroly Ann, I can recommend Eco's introduction to Kant and the Platypus. There is a lovely admission that he is largely interested in explaining things to himself. He also quotes as his motto "I used to be indecisive but now I'm not sure".

My take on Eco is that his insights can be sacred and profound. The thing about sacred things is that the object and their meaning can be seperated by life times. I'm not sure you can hurry this up with words.)

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