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I would not call communicating effectively with stakeholders navel-gazing. But that's probably not what you meant. I grabbed the report because the categories are solid.

And I wanted to make a point. The role of public relations professional is thought of as just writing and sending out/pitching press releases. Organizations that don't understand the value of (first) doing the right thing with products, governance, etc. and then communicating it to their stakeholders as outlined stand to lose market value.

As we head into a period of increased efficiency - "learning to use less, reuse more, and find greater value in the things we have close at hand" [] - our choices will be increasingly guided by reputation. Your comment is subjective. Does it mean it's not valuable?

Am I the only one who thinks that things like this are a little too navel-gazing to be of much value? I mean, seriously, the fact that they broke the key driver metric down to tenths of a percentage point? These are inherently fluid and qualitative comparisons already, as they compare brands in vastly different industries, with different cultures, different goals, serving different demographics. And it's all subjective. I guess I just feel like this kind of thing makes for good consultant reports, but little actionable intelligence. Am I wrong?

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