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Hi Valeria,

Great post!! Indeed, Twitter & Google Reader work perfectly together.

Kind regards,
Laurens (@backbonemedia)

I also like the combination of Google Reader and Twitter. I'd add Delicious to that as well. I find it particularly useful to see what other people I feel are influential have saved.

I really like your suggestion of subscribing to tweets mentioning you and subscribing to other people's favorites, but am not sure how I would capture that in the "add a subscription" box.

I would welcome your advice/suggestions.

I can't help but think that if we rely on those whom are smart as our filter - we not only abide by one of my favorite maxims, we open ourselves to manipulation. Overt or covert, it doesn't really matter - we abdicate the responsibility for discovering our world to others. Whom might or might not want the job!

(My favorite maxim: The search for self-expression has evolved into a need to have that self-expression unchallenged, which in turn necessitates living among people who think and feel just as you do. --- Sandra Tsing-Loh in "Class Dismissed", March 09 The Atlantic (p86))

I am interested in why you quote those numbers, though, Valeria. If my guess is right, you don't measure the worth of a person by the quantity of their contributions, but by the worth of some of those contributions? So why are metrics necessary? Did I grasp the wrong end of the metaphorical stick? (I suspect I did.)

I have to admit, I was only partially aware of Google Reader; Twitter I barely know. I value my moments reading your blog; I always feel a little smarter when I read your words, Valeria. :-)

Carolyn Ann

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