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I was with Pepsi Bottling in Lexington Ky working with a group of great young leaders and I started the morning off with your Blog Conversation Agent. I went to the web openned your blog and told everyone of them, if you have not subscribed by my next visit (December) there will be a BUTT Kicking!
This blog today is what I need to be more relevant, to learn and grow in the world of Soc. Med. Net.....AND to help my clients grow. Thanks for the slide on the books, resources, resources, resources....Keep it comming.Thanks so much!!

Pete Kunk

@Deni - I get many retweets, links and comments on Twitter as well. It seems to be the place where people what to share more these days. Grey Goose sounds good.

@Russ - these days I'm all practical information when I share with others, especially in the US, I must say. This culture is one of getting to the point for sure.

@Rich - glad we're in sync and thank you for the kind referral. I was telling someone who's sprucing up their LinkedIn profile recently that they needed to make themselves interesting, too. Maybe add the book list from Amazon, something that connects to a whole new/different level.


Excellent timing. Someone who wants to start an educational blog (non-commercial) just asked me what they need to consider. I pointed them here and then shared an old post on how my purpose evolved over the years.

Your diversification comment is also right on the mark. Once again, we are talking about the same things at the same time. The single most problematic challenge for companies is to appreciate that someone can not write about a can of soda and hope people (beyond a few die-hard fans) will gravitate to it.

All my best,

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