Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 50 Ways to Make Limoncello When You've Been Laid Off

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@Joseph - thank you. That is one of my favorite digestivi, especially the cream of Limoncello ;)

@John - what I like about you is that you didn't become a cynic, like many (def. a cynic is a passionate person who stopped trying), but made a plan. And look at you today! The concept of craft has resonated with me over the years. Craft is easier to put your arms around than "art" and it reminds me of the guilds, where skilled workers used to collaborate and learn from each other. Had to chuckle at the bank reference. Those who follow the "rules" without ever exercising critical thinking, will continue to be ill equipped to innovate into growth.

@Melani - the idea was to provide a starting point to built upon. So I'm glad you found it helpful.

@Danny - and sharing you have. Thank you!

@Bruce - funny how I didn't know that. I've known you as the marketer turned entrepreneur. I'm lucky, I never had to let anyone go for any reason.

@Nikki - thank you for helping spread the word.

@Joe - it's good policy to always have a handy bottle of vodka and Limoncello in the freezer and one of Champagne in the fridge - for emergency situations, you know. No idea how often you might feel the need to celebrate life, love and good friends ;)

@Jamie - that is the biggest danger, becoming unfocused. If you have time, do read today's post on focusing on problem solving - that is what companies desperately need. They don't need yet another person who can do a list of tasks, they need someone passionate about solving a problem. Have you thought of leading a support breakfast where you guys meet regularly and become accountable to each other of progress? That might help. Let me know how we can help in this community.

Thank you for this post. I am one of those job seekers and I had to share this with a lot of people because in MI well it is really bad here. I am optimistic even if I have gotten off track as of late.

Talk about a ton of resources and ideas! This is a great compilation for job seekers.

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