Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 50 Ways to Make Limoncello When You've Been Laid Off

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Wow - nothing I can really add to this except this is awesome, bookmarking and sharing right now, Valeria.


This is a fabulously rich post - so many great resources and ideas. So many I had never thought of and didn't even know where to go to look. Thank you!


Valeria -a wonderful post as always. Fifteen years ago when I was let go from a major consulting firm -- after the shock wore off – I realized it had simply accelerated the process of me going independent. At the time being a soloist was something of an anomaly. When I applied for a home loan a few years later, the banks did not even want to talk to me, they kept saying it was too risky to loan money to an independent consultant. My answer to them was that I represented much, much less risk than someone with a “regular” job. If you work for one employer and they decide to lay you off, you are unemployed. But as an independent I had nearly 2 dozen clients, if one client fired me I still had 23+ ways to bring in income. That seems eminently more secure to me, since my livelihood depends directly on my skills, creativity and dedication – and who will work harder for me…than me? I'm now entering my 16th year on my own and could not imagine working any other way.

About 11 years ago I had some down time without any major engagements and decided not to go after any for a while, a little like being unemployed, albeit by my own choice. I took four months off and spent half of every day at the gym and the other half of the day at the library. At the end of my self-imposed sabbatical I was 23 pounds lighter and had a ton of great ideas. I highly recommend this as one way to fill your time while pursuing new opportunities.

Lastly, in just the past few years I have finally began to see my work is much more of a craft and myself as a kind of artist. This has brought eminently more depth and meaning to the work I do and helps me feel like I am doing more than just making a living... I am making a life and making a difference.

Limoncello is actually quite delicious!

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