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I think with facebook (and a lot of things really) you need to do something that stands out and is remarkable as you say to get some true engagement.

You may have a consistent posting method but would be good all of a sudden to pop something out there a little unexpected but your readers will enjoy and engage in.

Having facebook specific discounts/promotions will get a lot more viewers paying attention to your page. At the moment I sort of have my messages spread across twitter and facebook but the messages that appear on facebook you can find on twitter. I am going to work on making some parts of facebook truely unique so it's worthwhile readers to hang out on my facebook page.

Sarge |

@Kacie - it looks like Mike provided a great example in the comment here for you to take a look at.

@Liam - personality as in sharing about yourself does help in getting to know others.

@Anna - good examples, thank you.

@Mike - thank your for providing such a concrete example for an unusual topic. And especially thank you for drawing the parallel between what you found out and content as give-away. I'm a believer that knowledge and valuable content can be the most powerful form of gratification when executed well.

Just to pick up on the non-profits who have little to share, sneak peak, or products to give away.
We are a non-for-profit genetics research organization and were looking for ways to engage, interact, and find people online to promote awareness of who we are and what genetics is all about. While attending a social media conference a couple of years ago I was commiserating with friends over that great inspirational tool, beer, when someone said too bad you can't give away genes.
That was the eureka moment.
We created a Facebook application to do exactly that - give your friends a virtual gene. In the first year we gave away almost 14,000 of them through a unique interface that had a strong educational component.
When Facebook changed its interface so did we and as of this past September it is a GenOmics news aggregator complete with a send-a-gene function, comments, ideas, and answers tab.
So when you think discounts, give-aways, promotions, etc, think about what your organization has to offer in knowledge and information and how you can package it in a way that pulls people in.
And btw check out the app at

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