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Thanks for sharing this post Valeria,we can have a good conversation on this one here.When it comes to expanding some brands forget what got them into the business and try to focus on some other things which look promising but aren't.
I think the best example of a brand which has stuck to its core growth structure and still expanded with quite a few acquisitions would be Google as it keeps working on becoming better and better with the search and doing some other stuff as well in the meanwhile.

@Stuart - so pleased to hear from you. Most importantly, make a decision. Most failures are due to lack of direction because nobody was willing to put a stake in the ground.

@Pier Luca - yes, and everyone is chasing after the same eyeballs, aren't they? Because the market is big, right? Right.

@Courtney - a war reference, interesting, and true. How does the seminar fit into the conversation? An example with call to action? Hmmmm.

I agree with you and Stuart that you shouldn't try to work on multiple fronts. We should all take a lesson from WWII Germany on that part. You should focus on what you are good at and expand from that if you feel comfortable. One way to expand while staying in your comfort zone is to have a partnership with another person or company that has good standing in the 'fronts' you are weak on. For instance, White Horse is doing a webinar on how Public Relations can benefit from social media monitoring. But we don't say do this or you won't survive. We offer the option to create a partnership with a company with strong social media monitoring. We at White Horse just want to show you the possibilities.
Feel free to register for this webinar here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/596160673

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