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What's great about this is that it offers marketers some real insight, examples and recommendations for how to actually "be" social rather than simply "do" social. Right now I would imagine that all of the contributors along with many others encounter clients who want the "do" but aren't ready to commit to the be, which affects more than a few people on the front lines, but rather an entire company. Strategy, brand and employee behavior, cultural change, UX that extends back into the company's products and services are all essential for a company to "be." For brands that come to social from a customer service angle, it's easier. For brands that may only come to social from a communication and media perspective, it's harder. In many cases the folks responsible for the effort don't have enough clout to truly influence change. Eventually every company's behavior (product, service, marketing, community) will be affected first and foremost by the increasing participation, power and control of the consumer. We have gone from the remote control (filtering system) to YouTube (self broadcast) to Twitter (individual as distribution channel) to apps like
Red Laser (total power, almost.) More and more all brands will get that they have to build new kinds of relationships based on trust and that developing those relationships will call for the right kind of engagement at every single encounter with what we used to call our "target audience," now our friends, fans, followers and communities. Great stuff. Will be helpful in educating clients even more.

@Olivier - I had saved 6-8 pages for you in the layout ;) I'm so glad you were able to make the time to share your thoughts on what's next. I feel I was the most fortunate to be able to read everyone's thoughts ahead of time.

@Danny - I had 54 pages in the original layout. The aim was to shed some light on international points of view. As I learn more from my European colleagues, I appreciate the richness of the exchange.

@Jay - something to look forward to, your collection. Hopefully, you can see how my thinking is developing through these projects. And of course, I still remember the wonderful conversation we had at SxSW. Exciting times for us all!

@Shannon - thank you for participating. I've been inspired already. We all know that doing is harder than it looks. A few of us have gotten dings because it sounds so easy. On the company side of things, it's probably one of the most misunderstood and challenging things to do. The easiest thing is going with what worked before (best practices, right?). 2010 will be an interesting year.

Thanks so much for inviting me to contribute this year. Honored pretty much sums up how I feel to be a part of this. I hope others find it to be a valuable reference moving into 2010 -- I know I will.

Great contributions all around!

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