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@Akash - hopefully, Forrester is listening in to capture your comment and question. My guess (and it is a guess) is that they went with prevailing attitude, just like in the Myers-Briggs profile. You can be somewhere in between introverted and extroverted and you will be one or the other, tendentially. Does it make sense?

@Bruce - online we are what we are offline with tools, yes. Thank you for stopping by.

I believe that this Ladder illustration can apply to all levels of human behavior.
We could look at the staff at any office or factory, and categorize the Joiners, the In-actives or the Creators. Those who rise to the top in all departments find a way to climb the ladder as far as their personality will allow them.
This ladder concept even applies to all other social group events and parties offline.
We humans have such fascinating and diverse personalities that it makes the conversation very interesting.

Hi Valeria thanks for the analysis in your kind words, I think there are a lot of things in this data which are confusing, For example The creators do conversate and comment as well,The Conversationalists don't just focus in engaging but also in developing something of real value out of it.
So my question is that we can't separate them with a column data as mentioned above if we can have a few overlapping spheres covering all these types, that might serve the purpose of differentiation well.
What do you say?

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