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I think we're talking about two slightly different things. Sharing what you like is a common practice and, as you indicate, providing proper attribution and links.

My concern is with the mindless republishing (some, let's be frank, do it to sell ads/get traffic, and not to share and be generous). I also hope that we start minimizing ecochamber stuff and doing more original thinking.

I'd rather be known as author than re-poster.

When I post a video I'm not trying to make people belive that it's me singing,... Same when I post something from another blog and put a link from the original post. That is called lifestream , I share what I do or like , welcome to web 2.

@Heidi - people also need to read creative common licenses, as Jonathan shared, and attribute the work properly using them. Thank you for the links to examples of your online presence and ideas on blog content use and RTs. Amazing how passionate people can be about ways to use a function. It makes for good learning.

@Andrew - that is if they have a listed email. In some cases, you have no email and no contact info/name. Often those sites moderate comments. It's set up on purpose, of course, so you and everyone else don't see the comment appear. So the only option left is to share the instance publicly to see if someone comes forward. Early days, things will settle down.

@Aureliano - civility and respect are worthy of attention. Because behavior is addictive and once people start getting away with a certain type of disregard online, they will not think twice before they transfer that to other areas of their lives and relationships. A slippery slope.

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