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Thanks for inspiring me, as always, with your provocative thought and challenging questions. In your opinion, what are the important elements a conversation strategy needs to contain?

@Chris - thank you on the post and the selection of the graphic. For the graphic itself, we both thank krazydad ;) Content and conversation need to go hand in hand, and in many cases need to become very specific and situational. We crave little gestures, a human touch, some consideration that says someone thoughts of us. Now I know that our loved ones usually fill that role, but social media has exposed a bigger promise of this dynamic, along with the personalization we were seeing with pure digital technology. As with everything in life, execution will make it more than a promise... or not.

@Carolyn Ann - I haven't held a Kindle in my hands, haven't felt the need to. The iPad on the other hand, iWant one. It does all the things that bridge my phone and my laptop nicely, at a decent price point. You're right, online, we don't pay extra for 4-color process. Imagine I go back to see my family or visit with friends and want to learn what's going on in their home town, the movies that are playing, and so on. The tools are now there for me to plan the trip ahead of time -- if I'd be willing to endure the international travel rules; or not go at all and let my imagination fill the gaps. I think you want the option to do that (geotagging) and choose when to do it.

@Justin - we're getting closer to measuring impact every day. As to tying to ROI, how many deals has the executive team done on the golf course? How about that sports team sponsorship? We seem to continue to have double standards, yes? This kind of economy is the result of scarcity mindset and greed or stupidity. Certainly we're where we are because we did not have many conversations, some of which about accountability.

Oops. That should have been "black and white television". No capitalization needed. Sorry. :-(

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