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hi Valeria,
good article anyway. The post about how to develop a content strategy process is cool.You review about time and resources to develop a blog and the process of it base marketing strategy.I think, if someone want to develop his/her blog suggest not to manipulating link. Manipulating link can make your blog look like bad base on search engine.

@Jay - well, I had a very nice comment written up until TypePad went down. Let's see if I remember it (darn unreliable tool). That's where I focus my training and coaching. Learning to be comfortable with establishing and maintaining a presence through content authoring and sharing. Good tips on drawing parallels. Although I would caution you that sometimes they go all the way to the other side and become too loose, water-cooler loose.

@Kristina - many companies don't have a business strategy, that's why the obsession with marketing strategy. to me you have one business strategy, which marketing pays off in different media. Thank you for the tip on content professionals community. I'll check it out.

Hi Valeria,

Great post on blog content strategy. But, like Robert, I'm pretty concerned about the title of this article. We struggle with our clients mistaking channels for strategies: i.e. "Our strategy is to distribute content across blogs, Twitter, and Facebook."

A strategy is a plan to achieve a specific goal or objective. A blog is a channel for sharing content. In fact, all social media outlets are simply channels for sharing branded content.

If that content is conceived and created in a silo apart from the organization's other content channels, it opens the door for inconsistent messaging, irrelevant content for current target audiences, and so on.

All that said, the definition of "content strategy" is being discussed and defined in a variety of communities right now--user experience designers, marketers, publishers, social media planners, and more. Everyone is going to have a unique focus. An organization's enterprise content strategy defines business objectives and user goals--what are we trying to DO with our content--prior to determining the best channels for sharing.

There's an ever-growing international community of content professionals duking it out over all this:

Thanks again for a great post.

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