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Valeria and Christopher,

A fabulous overview Valeria. Christopher, the Appmakr program looks like it will be perfect for some new business models I am developing. Thanks for sharing!

Valeria, I agree with you on all counts.

I consider your blog "news" as well and that's why I check it on my iPhone through RSS Runner ever day.

I notice that you're on Typepad and you may be interested in making your blog more iPhone friendly with an app. Typepad currently doesn't have an elegant way to show its feed on an iPhone.

I made my app with appmakr.com. Here's some info that you might find of interest:

Discount for Appmakr: http://bit.ly/6qiJLv

And why I did it: The Obligatory "I have an iPhone App" Post: http://bit.ly/90yN5C

See ya on my mobile!

There's something you're skimming over and that's the ability for AFP, AP and other news agencies to create apps so that the ordinary public can get the information straight from those gathering the agency news which is then redeployed from user to user.

The consequence is that without creating original content those that simply re-print agency material will lose audience to the agencies providing some of the news.

It will encourage original news gathering once again. International news is easy to get, but local news is a little more of a challenge. There are a few web apps that are for the local audiences. I'm thinking of Lematin's web app and romandie.com as to example. They give news and information for an area with an audience of 700,000 people.

These apps are not all free. I'm thinking of AFP, BBC World and Al Jazeera as apps. Each of these is paying, 3.30 swiss francs a piece. It's the same price as a paper but you can access the newest contents until you remove that app from the phone.

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