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@Laurie - thank you.

@Giovanni - perception is reality, right?

@Robert - what you present is also one of the reasons why life streaming is popular. What we know and do, now. Steve Jobs does a great job of presenting that in his product roll outs. That's why they're so successful.

@Emma - water is a precious gift. Education, information, and connection and positive reinforcements are all very good ways to promote responsible use of our natural resources. Thank you for the link to the clip.

@RSorg - thank you for stopping by.

@Cassie - people don't quit smoking even though there is plenty of evidence of what happens to your body and those of the people you expose to second hand smoke. Ditto for those who need to watch their weight for heart conditions, and so on. Developing good habits is more likely when there is societal pressure or example around you.

@Tom - great point on "acceptance and reputation", which is the reason why celebrity endorsements are so popular. Changing habits is experiential, as you point out.

@Crafty Green poet - one at a time, that's usually how change happens. Keep up the great effort!

@Giorgio - thank you for the comment. Well I did say this is my region in the post. Did not recall information about the author on YouTube. Was that you?

You must to tell where come from the video. Who are the autor...just few word.

Great post and the video is very effective. I work in an office managed by an ethical prolerty company and we all drink water from the tap, in glasses.

I've recently bought a metal reusable bottle to avoid buying plastic bottled water for train journeys etc.

People need to see that it is possible to do things differently, clients who come to our office may notice the tap water and change things at their office, people who see me with my metal bottle on the train may change their behiaviour. But how to make it a mass movement away from bottled water is more difficult

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