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great post. I'd be interested in your thoughts on how much measurement comes into play in perceived value. We intuitively know the difference between good and mediocre content, but it has historically been very hard to measure that objectively.

Now, as it becomes more possible to measure how content is shared, by whom, and to what audience, we are beginning to see the start of an objective measurement of "good, engaging content" vs "just to put it out there" content. Will this affect the value we're willing to pay a good writer? Thoughts?

On a side note, Valeria, can you elaborate the difference between B2B and B2C, as you reference both above?

I'm not ingrained with business 101 concepts, so to me the two models are more alike than different. Thanks.

@John - when I tracked it, it's been consistently at 90/10, if that helps. Sayings are such because we get used to, well, say them. It's really hard to crank out hard hitting content day in, day out. That's correct. And your definition of hard hitting may be a flop when out there. Planning and integration are key. And yes, this resembles the publishing process. It is.

@bencurrent - skepticism is our friend when researching a trend. Yes, the numbers are increasing, not proportional to the growth sought in most lead nurturing/generation/community growth projections. Mostly because with the social Web and public relations, in house marketers need to do more heavy lifting and be more involved. Many don't have the resources they'd like/need. Thank you for the Junta42 link. Very helpful.

@Muhammad - it takes skill to write that as well, and time :) I know you've got what it takes from your experience. Alas, the part you talk about is what businesses tend to gravitate towards - lots of calories, little nutrition for customers.

@Elizabeth - and, with content, you need to keep upping the ante. We get used to being pampered and catered to rather quickly, wouldn't you say? Muhammand put it well, link baiting gets attention. It's less rolling up your sleeves. There is something to be said for fast and not as polished, that's how many blogs got started. Look around today, and you see an increasing number of polished work, both for presentation and content. Readers mature and communities evolve.

@Rich - do you hear a lot of "we have no choice" conversations? Your work reflects on you, so yes, integrity matters. Good food for thought there at the end. Sparked an idea for a future post. Thank you.

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