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@Stan - my EVP of sales at a past company told me that joke, so it felt safe if it was coming from him. Like me telling an Italian joke. You probably meant it costs you 5-10 times to replace the current customer with a new one. Indeed, it does. Looking forward to our coffee conversation.

@Christa - I recall your thinking about helping the customer tell their story in our conversation a few posts ago about that very topic. Well done on continuing to approach it that way. it is about helping your customer tell their story, your company is a supporting actor in it.

Ha -- I came to this just as I was thinking about how to get more customers to help a client with case studies!

For this B2B client, still more or less in "startup" mode, case studies are going to be important -- prospects are asking for examples.

What I am trying to do is support the customers in my requests, by making sure they know the case study makes them look good, too. (It's software that helps them solve cybercrimes. Great press.) I even tell them I will work with their public relations person to get it distributed.

There are other issues (like case sensitivity) that prevent them from wanting to be involved, but making sure their role is (publicly) valued is part of a broader community-building strategy!

Tremendous post Valeria. I love the golf course analogy. Unfortunately it's sad, but true. Most companies could give a sh*t about their customers.
Imagine the power of flipping the traditional funnel. What if you focused 80% of your energy on current customers? What if you made it a point to exceed expectations by providing those little unexpected extras? What if you actually demonstrated that you care about keeping their business?
FACT: It cost 5 to 10 times the amount of money to retain a current customer than it does to obtain a new one.
Investing in your current customers provides you with the best ROI in marketing. Reducing attrition is the lowest hanging fruit. Too bad most companies don't get it. I guess the 'two in the bush' is sexier than the 'one in your hand'.
#PurpleGoldfishProject (an effort to crowd source 1001 examples of marketing lagniappe)

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