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I can count the number of companies in which I completely trust on one hand. It's really only 2. I suspect there's a third, but I can't recall at this moment.

T-mobile. I've been with T-mobile since they were Voicestream. After a messy divorce, my brother got a T-mobile phone for me in his name. I've had them as my sole telecom provider since 1999 or so. In 2002, I had the account switched to my name and I've never looked back.

With T-mobile, I've never had to think about how many minutes or text messages I've used in a month. Aside from a tiny corner of remote, north eastern New Mexico, my T-mobile phone has worked flawlessly. I get unlimited *everything* for well under $100/month these days. How does this benefit T-mobile?

- I talked my wife, who had been with Verizon nearly as long, to switch over to T-mobile.
- When the free plane tickets they gave me for being a loyal customer turned out to be of no use (black out dates through their provider), I didn't get upset. I just sent them an email expressing disappointment. I got a letter back thanking me for letting them know how I felt.
- When they experienced a random service interruption a couple months back, I didn't even notice. My phone worked well enough, so I used it to call in and tell one of their call center employees thank you for working so diligently to solve the problem and to hang in there, because not everyone out there was losing their mind with blind, ignorant rage over it.
- When my friend expressed that she was leaving T-mobile so she could get one of those damned iPhones, I spent extra time with her to show her how my Blackberry was more than capable of doing everything she needed and she upgraded to a T-mobile Blackberry instead of binding herself up with the substandard carrier associated with the iPhones.

The other organization in which I truly believe is Netflix. My wife and I haven't had cable (or any) TV in over two years. Netflix has made that dream a reality. Assuming a $50/month savings over a premium tier of digital cable, we've saved over $1200 by switching to Netflix. We order up the TV shows we want to see by the series and turn around on discs is just two days. It's perfect.

How does this help Netflix?
- I make a point of expressing to people how convenient the service is. I can very easily extol the immediate benefits of signing up and using the service.

Beyond that, I guess I'd say Mitsubishi, as I am something of a "fanboi," but I haven't bought a new Mitsubishi since 1996. I have, however, spent all the time since enjoying them in one form or another. Their products are exciting and they are part of a very diverse conglomerate that does everything from cars to airplanes to nuclear power generation to freaking lasers. My passion for Mitsubishi has lead me to create an online magazine wherein we seek to showcase the stories of other passionate enthusiasts from around the world. It's free, positive publicity intended to unite Mitsubishi owners together around the world to share in their enjoyment of Mitsubishi products and to one day present a unified voice of support for the brand. In April, I'm traveling to Cypress, California for the purpose of visiting Mitsubishi and interviewing their staffers who man their Twitter and Facebook accounts to show our readers how they are Mitsubishi owners and enthusiasts too. If I have time, I might even take my own Mitsubishi car out to some local races to show the Subaru guys a thing or two.

A long comment, I know, but it just goes to show. If you, as an organization, genuinely care about your customers, they will genuinely care about you. It's no trouble at all for me to get behind the idea of talking up the joy of being a part of T-mobile, Netflix, and Mitsubishi. In fact, I'd say it's a point of pride.


Great post. The Conversation Agent is the highlight of my morning! I am inspired, motivated, and informed on a daily basis.

I wanted to share a recent blog post that I wrote on Home Depot:

As you'll find out when you read it, Home Depot blew me away with their focus on the customer.

If you want to talk more about it, please let me know.

Keep up the great work.

Dan Naden

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